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Location:   Kingston, Ontario CANADA


With every photograph I make I am  constantly learning and evolving and exploring. My vision is to capture the beauty that surrounds me as I see things in a way I have never seen them before.

With my portrait work, I love working together with my clients and having fun first and foremost, deciding where we would like to shoot and coming away with wonderful captures. I love making this a fun experience as it’s often intimidating to be in front of the camera. So we’ll laugh, play and sometimes venture a little out of our comfort zone.

Every shoot is personal and we create it together and your investment is customized as well.

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and some kind words ...

“When celebrating one of life’s biggest milestones, there was no doubt in our minds that we needed to find a photographer who would be the ‘perfect fit’ for our engagement photos. We met with Judi a few weeks before our photo session and began sharing our vision for what we were thinking in terms of location and inspiration for our pictures. Judi Goldie was not only our perfect fit, but she captured an absolutely perfect day as our photographer.

Judi has an absolute passion for her work, which was demonstrated in the way she worked with us and took the time to listen to our ideas, helping us to make ‘our wonderings’ a reality. Judi has a beautiful blend of professionalism with a warm and caring nature that helped us to feel so comfortable to just ‘be us’ and to have fun and ‘just play’, as Judi would say.

There was no limit to the possibilities of where and how we could express our love for each other as Judi made every effort to capture each moment, whether posed or candid. As a result of her creativity, we were given many beautiful photos that we continue to enjoy every day as a reminder of our engagement.

We look forward to working with Judi again to help us capture the beautiful moments and memories that life still has in store for us.”  

       V & C

“Judi was an incredible asset to our motionball Marathon of Sport event in support of Special Olympics Canada. Through her creative & talented photography skills, Judi managed to capture rare, special moments showcasing the true emotions, spirit, and fun of the event.  When an important day comes to an end, the only way to preserve it is through photographs, and she definitely succeeded in giving the 250 attendees and Special Olympic athletes incredible memories through a vast selection of photos.  Every time I look at them I am instantly taken back in time to those special moments in the day. 

 Judi brightens up a room with her smile, enthusiasm, and warmth.  She is extremely passionate, organized, and dedicated to her photography. Working with her was an absolute pleasure!” 

   Jennifer Gilmour
   Co-Director, motionball Marathon of Sport - Kingston

“What sets Judi apart from other photographers is that she cares. She cares about getting the photo you didn't know you wanted - the one that shows not just how you look but how you feel in that moment. 

I would never have thought I would want to share my maternity photos with anyone else but I ended up being so proud of the person she captured I could hardly wait to post them.  Judi made me see something in myself I didn't know was there and for that I will be eternally grateful. 

Thank you so much, Judi.”