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My name is Judi Goldie (I guess that’s pretty obvious from my logo!). 

Welcome and thank you for dropping by, please check in often and watch my site evolve … I’m just getting started and plan on having lots of fun!

I have always enjoyed capturing memories and moments-in-time starting with taking photos with a little “instamatic” camera, then getting one of my fathers old film cameras before moving on to digital. I spent a lot of time on the 1st or 3rd baseline taking pictures of my daughters playing fastball on their respective teams and really enjoyed having those memories documented forever.

Eventually I decided to take a few courses to actually figure out how to really work my camera and take it out of “auto”. Since then I have been unstoppable and have completely fallen in love with photography and now I am making pictures and not just taking them.

My daughters have grown up and left the nest so now I chase my grandsons with my camera every chance I get.

Through my journey, I have connected with a creative passion that has been resting within me that I didn’t know was there. It has surfaced and now is blossoming through my love of photography. It is giving voice to the beauty and the wonder in the everyday things that surround me and I am witnessing things in a way that I had never quite seen before and it brings me great joy. I feel so blessed as I explore and capture such wonder and make photographs of them to treasure for always.

I love colour, I often discover red in my photos, I love red wine, red lipstick, I love the colour red … hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here. I love music, great food, time with loved ones, best friends and new friends. Oh and I love to dance. I’m learning to live in the moment and not rush things, I cry at commercials as easily as I cry at weddings, I am truly embracing this precious gift that has floated to the top of my awareness … my love of photography ~

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